Freeticketfoot (FTF Premium Events LTD) was founded in 2022, we are a reliable and well-established sports tickets broker.

Why my order is in “Pending” status?
We are verifying each and every order, a confirmation email will be sent within 48h.

When will I receive the tickets?
All tickets are sent from 3 days before the game and up to the day of the event.

How will I receive my tickets?
Most of our tickets are electronic tickets which will be sent to your email address,
In some cases they are paper tickets, of course we will let you know and ask for a delivery address or send you the pickup location.

Will my seats be together?
We guarantee 2 seats together in all categories other than ”best available – single tickets”.
If you order more than 2 then they will be as close as possible, grouping them in pairs.
We always do our best to allocate tickets from the same order (more than 2 tickets) seated together.

Are the tickets authentic?
All of our tickets are genuine and guaranteed as official and authentic.

Are the tickets for home or away supporters?
All of the categories are intended for the home supporters, besides the category called “away section”. If this category does not exist in a specific event, it means there are no away supporters tickets available for the event.
Please note that it is your responsibility not to wear the other team’s colors, merchandise or cheering for them since it may get you kicked out of the stadium.

Are you working with travel agencies?
We are working with leading suppliers across Europe, and have a direct connection with the top teams and sports organizations. Among our clients are some of the biggest travel agencies in the world today.

Is the seating category shown on the site and the category printed on the ticket the same?
Not always. We have built our own categories to simplify the order process.
The category description is available on-site.
The exact seat number, row and section will be shown on the ticket itself.

Do I need to be a member to buy tickets?
You do not need to be a member, we will provide you with all needed documents including a membership if needed.

Where is my seat location?
We guarantee the seat’s location according to the designated section of each category.
You will need to use the comment box in the ordering process if you have a specific seating request we will do our utmost to fulfill it.

Why is the price on the site different from the price mentioned on the ticket?
We are a secondary marketing company, therefore; the price is determined by supply versus demand. Our main goal is to offer our clients the best price in the market. The level of difficulty of obtaining specific tickets, and the level of demand compared to the inventory in a given date, makes the difference between the actual price printed on the ticket and the price we charge on our website. Be aware; the longer you wait to purchase your tickets, the higher the price will be.

Are my tickets guaranteed?
Once your order is confirmed and approved, your tickets are guaranteed. Our goal is to be the most reliable source in the secondary marketing sector. Freeticketfoot Team does everything in order to supply the tickets purchased on our site. You can rest assured that once you have ordered from freeticketfoot.com, we guarantee you will get the best and fastest service and supply. 

What Currency will I be charged?
We are a European company, therefore; the charging will always be in GBP, even if the original price was displayed in a different currency.

Can I cancel the Ticket after the purchase?
Please reffer to “Cancellation and Refund Policy” at ….

What if the event date has been rescheduled?
Event date and time are subject to change – these changes are not controlled by the company but by the official organizer. You are advised to check occasionally the correct date and time and make your personal arrangements for attending the match on the new date and time. If for example an event is rescheduled, the original tickets will still be valid and there is no need for any further action.